An Analysis of the Current Directions in the Development of Green Energy

Leonid Hr. Melnyk, Anatolijs Mahņitko, Renata Varfolomejeva


An analysis has been conducted on the current directions in the development of traditional and non-traditional sources of energy that do not have a negative environmental impact. The progress regarding the current level of energy production by means of the Sun and wind has been shown. The prospects of using wind energy to solve the energy resource accumulation problem are outlined. One of the directions of the development of non-traditional energy is hydrogen energy, which solves the issue of utilization of hydrogen as a future energy resource and one of the possible ways of energy resource accumulation. As the hydrogen production technology develops in the direction of cost lowering, also the level of utilizing hydrogen energy will increase since the reserves of hydrogen contained in natural water resources are practically unlimited. An important feature of green energy is the need to integrate the capacities into united complexes not only on a country-by-country scale but also on the scale of large supranational regions. 


Energy accumulation; hydrogen energy; renewable energy sources; traditional and non-traditional energy resources; wind energy

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DOI: 10.7250/pee.2017.004


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