Power and Electrical Engineering

Discontinued publication in 2017.

Journal of Power and Electrical Engineering is an international open access journal in the field of Power and Electrical Engineering. Its main goal is to give quality research papers. It provides platform to publish the research works of academicians, students and professionals. It publishes only original, unpublished and not submitted to any other journal research papers and review papers.

The main focus of the Journal is issues of optimization of power supply systems, security and effectiveness of transmission lines and equipments. The journal comprises articles on the topical issues of technical and economical aspects of power industry and alternative energy.

The journal covers the following themes:

  • Power System Control, Automation, Stability and Protection;
  • Power Quality and Reliability;
  • Power Plants, Renewable and Distributed Energy Systems;
  • Power System Planning, Management and Economic Evaluation;
  • Power System Risk Assessment and Management;
  • Electricity Market;
  • Smart Grid Technologies.


Dr. Antans Sauhats, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Editorial Board

Dr. Anzelmas Bacauskas, Lietuvos energija AB, Lithuania

Dr. Ludmila Boronina, Saint-Petersburg State Technical University, Russia

Dr. Chuulan Natsagdorj, Power Engineering School of MUST, Mongolia

Dr. Vladimir Chuvychin, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Dr. Rimantas Deksnys, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Dr. Yuris Ekmanis, Latvian Academy of Science, Latvia

Dr. Janis Gerhards, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Dr. Michal Kolcun, Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republic

Dr. Vilnis Kreslin, Institute of Physical Energetics, Latvia

Dr. Tõnu Lehtla, Tallinn Technical University, Estonia

Dr. György Morva, Power Engineering Institute, Hungary

Dr. Viktorija Neimane, Vattenfal, Sweden

Dr. Roberts Neimanis, General Electric, Sweden

Dr. Stefan Pazek, Silesion University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland

Dr. Francesco Profumo, Politechnico di Turino, Italy

Dr. Ivars Rankis, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Dr. Leonids Ribickis, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Dr. Viktor Rozen, National Technical University of Ukraine, Ukraine

Dr. Lennart Söder, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Dr. Janis Stabulnieks, Latvian Technological Centre, Latvia

Dr. Mati Valdma, Tallin Technical University, Estonia

Managing Editor         

Dr. Anatolijs Mahnitko, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Technical Editor         

Dr. Renata Varfolomejeva, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Vol 34 (2017): Power and Electrical Engineering

Table of Contents


Voldemārs Barkāns, Gints Turlajs, Aivars Cers, Roberts Veselauskis, Daniels Turlajs, Sigurds Jaundālders
Margarita E. Borisova, Almaz Kamalov
Margarita E. Borisova, Julia K. Osina
Leonid Hr. Melnyk, Anatolijs Mahņitko, Renata Varfolomejeva
Piotr Olszowiec
Ivars Raņķis, Mārcis Priedītis
Josifs Survilo
Konstantin Suslov, Nafisa Solonina, Z. V. Solonina
Yurii Veremiichuk, Ivan Prytyskach, Olena Yarmoliuk, Vitalii Opryshko